Winterize with AutoPro

With winter and the freezing we get here in Worcester, now is a great time to winterize your car at AutoPro.  Keep your car in tip top shape for the cold winter months.  Don't get stuck with a dead battery or forget to have your antifreeze checked.


Your tires - first defense against a slippery road

Make sure your tires are in good shape or maybe consider installing snow tires.  Modern cars and trucks have many features that enhance traction and steering in slippery conditions but decent tires, either all weather or snow tires, are very important in the winter.

For better traction in the snow, we recommend you have your snow tires installed in November before the first snow.  You can use studded snow tires from November 1st thru April 30th in Massachusetts.  Studded snow tires are best in icy road conditions.

If you notice a vibration on the highway right after a heavy snow there is a good chance you have snow stuck on the inside of your rim.  The easiest thing to do is bring your car to the car wash and have the undercarriage washed.  That will be sure to break free any snow you have collected on your tire or rim.


Winter tips 

If you get stuck in the snow don't just spin the tires, you could damage the transmission.  The correct thing to do is gently rock the car back and forth until the car is free.  Next to your tires the best way to be prepared for winter is have your battery and antifreeze tested.  Have your brakes and suspension inspected and set your tires to the correct pressure.  Fill your windshield washer reservoir, check and top off brake fluid, power steering fluid, check your belts, hoses and wiper blades.  We also offer premium winter blades


The best way to be prepared for winter is to winterize your car at AutoPro