Toyota Corolla

The Corolla was first sold in Japan in 1966 and in the US in 1968.  Initially US sales suffered from the common perception that the Japanese produced low quality products. Toyota worked hard to overcome that perception.  The second generation sold in  1970 was a better fit for the US market and Corolla rose to number two in import sales.

Corolla best selling car in the world

Over the past forty years the Corolla has some impressive sales numbers.  In 1977 total US sales exceeded one million.  Four short years later the Corolla rose above two million.  By 1983 Toyota had built over 10 million Corolla's world wide.  Starting in 1997 all Corolla's sold in the US were also built in the US and this same year the Corolla surpassed the VW Beetle as the best selling nameplate in the world.  The Corolla is currently built in fourteen different countries.


Corolla reliable

About eighty percent of Toyota's sold in the last twenty years are still on the road today. Owner satisfaction is ranked near the top in most polls and the Corolla is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles in its class.