Most people don't think about tires until they need them. When looking online for information on tires, the information can be overwhelming. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on tires. All automotive tires come with three ratings: tread wear, traction and temperature.  Theses rating are derived from control testing on a government test coarse.  The tread wear rating gives an indication of tread wear life. For example, a tire rated at 400 points would last twice as long as a tire rated at 200 points.  The traction rating is AA, A, B, C with the AA rating being the best.  The tire temperature rating is the tires ability to dissipate heat and the rating range from A to C with A being the best.

Tread wear ratings are a good indication of the life of the tire, it has more meaning when you are comparing tires from the same manufacturer.  We recommend Toyo Extensa tires because we feel they offer a good combination of value and performance.  They are rated for 60k miles.   Consumer Reports also rates them very high.



We have a John Bean 3d Visualliner alignment system.  A cutting edge camera alignment system with the latest alignment specs.  Most people don't realize how important an alignment is.   With the car in proper alignment, not only will you get better gas mileage but your suspension parts and tires will last longer.  This will in turn lower your overall auto repair costs.



The company performing your alignment can have the most expensive equipment available but if they don't have a qualified and experienced mechanic working on your car then it won't make a difference.  Ever gone some place for an alignment only to have them tell you something was frozen and you needed to bring it some place else? Come to AutoPro for your alignment needs. We are able to perform the alignment and free up or replace frozen adjustment components. Your time is too valuable to run from place to place. Next time you need an alignment, have a tire vibration, or need new tires installed, come to AutoPro for the right equipment, the qualified mechanics and the right repair. One stop at AutoPro and you are done!