At least once we have all heard someone’s vehicle or truck in our Auburn neighborhoods that needs a new muffler. Yet, there is so much more to the exhaust system than simply the muffler.


The exhaust system has three main functions:

  • Safely removes hot exhaust gas from the engine out the tailpipe

  • Treat the exhaust to remove harmful pollutants

  • Muffle the engine noise

Exhaust gas is lethal. It should not get into the passenger compartment. One reason why is because carbon monoxide can be deadly. That's why you should never let your engine run in a closed garage. If there is a leak in the exhaust system, exhaust could get into the passenger cabin and it can either make you ill or even cost you your life.

 Roll down your windows and get it inspected immediately if you smell exhaust in your vehicle. You may smell or see exhaust coming from the engine compartment or under the vehicle if you have a leak. The sound from an exhaust leak can be loud and obvious. It can also be a ticking sound when you start the engine but will stop as you drive. Therefore, it could be a small crack or a bad fitting that leaks when it's cold but seals up when the metal heats and expands.

Furthermore, let's discuss the environmental issues for our Auburn community. Exhaust gas contains a number of pollutants and particulates. The catalytic converter cleanses some of those harmful substances. Also, diesel vehicles have systems to deal with soot.

Catalytic converters eventually wear out and need to be replaced. These parts are expensive, so you want to help maintain them as long as possible. You can do this by keeping the fuel system clean and replacing your air filter.  From time to time, these components need to be tested for proper functioning with an emissions test .

At last, the muffler! The beauty of getting a new muffler is that you can suit your taste: Some want whisper quiet and others like a little rumble. And some like a roar when they drive down our Auburn streets.