Diesel Emissions Maintenance

You've most likely seen much more vehicles around WORCESTER, MA being offered with diesel engines. Diesel is a well known decision in significant parts of the world. North America is simply beginning to close the hole among gas and diesel engines. Since we are commonly less comfortable with diesel engines, it is good to survey emissions related issues.

For one thing, while diesel fuel is more vitality thick than a similar measure of gasoline, it creates more power per gallon, yet it likely delivers more exhaust particulates. So cleaning the soot out of the exhaust is essential. By law, present day diesel vehicles are required to have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) installed in the exhaust system. This extraordinary filter traps the particulates (soot). As the soot piles up, the filter quickly gets full.

It would be illogical for WORCESTER drivers to need to change these expensive filters regularly, so manufacturers have invented systems that incinerate built up soot. A few systems are latent, enabling the soot to settle inside the filter and consume heat from the exhaust until the temperature is sufficiently high enough for the particulates caught in the filter to combust and burn off. This procedure is called passive filter regeneration.

One strategy for active filter regeneration is cultivated by infusing a touch of diesel fuel into the engine at simply the right opportunity to heat the fumes enough to consume off the particulates. Another strategy utilizes a fuel injector located in the exhaust pipe upstream from the DPF to insert a touch of fuel into the exhaust stream to make the particulates combust. The engine management computer controls these regeneration occasions.

The days of a loud diesel engine gushing out clouds of dark, sooty smoke are no more. Diesel emissions systems like Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) join together to distribute all of the power and economy of a diesel engine, without the majority of the unsafe and irritating symptoms.

Let us help you with your diesel engine at AutoPro Import Repair. We will help you understand the routine maintenance schedules and warning signs of potential problems so that you can be comfortable with your decision to go diesel.

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