Power Steering Maintenance

We take a lot for granted when it comes to our vehicles especially steering. Let’s break it down into two components: first, the power assist and second, the actual parts that steer the vehicle.

If you are under the age of 40 years old, most likely you haven’t driven a vehicle without power steering. Most vehicles today have a hydraulic power steering pump that provides boost to help you steer. Usually the pump is driven by the serpentine belt, but some newer vehicles have an electric pump. Other vehicles even have an electric motor that directly powers the steering.

Most importantly keep in mind that these pumps and motors will eventually wear out and the hoses will begin to leak. To avoid getting to this point you can have a power steering service done every now and then. Old fluid is always drained and replaced with fresh fluid. This will remove water and contaminants that can corrode power steering parts. Ask your service advisor for the recommended change interval.

What about the mechanical steering parts? Is there anything you can do to maintain them? Yes. The steering parts can be lubed. Your technician can take care of this with a lube, oil and filter service. You can also just look out for signs that parts are wearing out, such as loose steering and uneven tire wear.

Of course worn parts can be replaced to get you going again. Now, parts can get bent or damaged from hitting things like potholes, curbs or even rocks. It is important to take care of these problems as early as possible. Now if you decide to ignore them, the damaged parts can stress other attached parts which can lead a chain reaction of damages.

Steering maintenance is pretty straight forward: Replace power steering fluid as recommended and fix worn or damaged parts right away. That’ll save you money in the long run.

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