Improve Your Fuel Economy

To  use less fuel here in the WORCESTER, Boylston and Charlton regions, the US government has created a website dedicated to helping us do so. No matter what kind of vehicle we drive, the cost savings is presented in a way WORCESTER drivers can relate to. For example:

Having your engine properly tuned can save up to 4%. If you're paying $3.50 for a gallon of gas in WORCESTER, you could save 14 cents a gallon.

Dollars Per Gallon              $3.00  $3.50  $4.00
Tune Up 4%                          0.12    0.14    0.16

For MA auto owners replacing a damaged oxygen sensor can improve economy by up to 40 percent That's $1.40 in savings per gallon.

Dollars Per Gallon                          $3.00   $3.50   $4.00
Faulty O2 Oxygen Sensor 40%       1.20     1.40     1.60

If by chance your vehicle oxygen sensor is broken, your Check Engine light  will come on. In addition to oxygen sensor problems, a number of things can cause your Check Engine light to come on. If it is on, check it out at AutoPro Import Repair at 209 Stafford St in WORCESTER as soon as you can.

Also, MA drivers: Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure. You could save three percent or 11  cents a gallon. Just even a small drop in pressure can cost you at the WORCESTER pump so be sure to check your tires every week.

Your car manufacturer has recommended a special motor oil weight. The recommendation is based on the design of your engine and gives you the best possible protection. Using a heavier weight could cost one to two percent or up to seven cents a gallon in a reduced fuel economy.

Additionally, here are some free gas saving tips: Don't drive aggressively; drive within the WORCESTER speed limit and remove excess weight (junk in the trunk) from your vehicle. These can add up to a dollar or more per gallon.

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