Time To Clear This Up

I’m sure we all have been in that situation where we driven into a bright sunlight and our windows were either dirty, scratched or fogged, leaving us completely blind in the process. Probably not the best thing or feeling when you're moving down the road is it.

 Also, it's important to be able to see your mirrors and other vehicles behind you. So, a little clarity here can go the extra mile.

Let's take a look at how you can maximize your visibility:

  • Clean your windows with the right cleaner. Stay away from cleaners that have ammonia or alcohol in them. Ammonia can cause the surfaces of your vehicle's interior to dry out and can damage some window tints. Special automotive glass cleaners are available, and your service adviser can make recommendations.

  • Don't use abrasives on your windows. For example, some kitchen sponges have a pad on one side that is used to scrub pots and pans. Don't use those! Using abrasives can scratch glass and everlastingly damage them! Instead, pros recommend using a micro-fiber cloth or wipes specifically created for cleaning glass.

  • We may remember to clean the outside, but what about the inside? Trust us the interior is just as important! We've all seen that film buildup on the inside of our vehicle windows. Certain things like cigarette smoke or even sunlight baking your vehicle's plastic and leather interior surfaces can cause this; while also releasing oils into the cabin. With that being said, make sure to thoroughly clean that oily layer.

Once your windows are clean, it's important to be able to keep them clean when you're on the road, especially your windshield. You want to make sure your wiper blades are replaced regularly. Even if they're not used all that much keep in mind the material used in them deteriorates over time regardless.

  • There are several different types of wiper blades, and among the newest is the "beam" blade.

  • Beam blades have several advantages over more traditional blades, including a more contoured fit to the windshield surface. Some even incorporate an aerodynamic design that presses them tighter to the glass at higher speeds.

  • Your service adviser will be able to recommend the best blade for your vehicle and install them properly.

If you are having trouble seeing out your windshield, let us inspect your wiper blades at your next service.