Fuel Saving: Myth or Fact?

Now that fuel prices are on the rise in Worcester a lot of gas saving advice are going around. Of course some are really great but some not so much. Some are myths that are designed to prey on residents, like you and me, to desperately enhance the fuel economy and save some money.

 Do be sure to thoroughly think through the e-mails you receive floating around MA advising you on how to save gas. Ask yourself does this really make sense? How does it defy the laws of physics? To answer some of the questions you may have, try looking up as much as you can on the Internet or ask your friendly and knowledgeable AutoPro Import Repair service advisor.

 Only if there were magic pills you can drop in your gas tank right? But unfortunately not even the government has come up with a device yet where you can just clip on to your fuel line to make your car run on air.

So next time you get one of those e-mails, check it out with the team of automotive professionals at AutoPro Import Repair in WORCESTER. You'll get more bangs for your buck with a full-service oil change or an engine air filter replacement.

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