Axles are the last link in transferring power from the engine to you wheels. These strong parts have a long life span - but can also run into some trouble.

Over time, axles wear out and need to be replaced. Sometimes the axle seals can leak, causing the axle to wear out prematurely. Unfortunately, lubricant leaks out which can lead to water and dirt getting in and contaminating the gears. Once this happens, strange noises can be heard coming from the axle.

Depending on what you have, the sounds could be heard from the rear end if you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle and the sounds can be heard from the front end if you have a front-wheel drive. Of course, if you have an all-wheel drive vehicle the sounds can come from either the front or the end. It might be a groaning sound or clunking when turning.

With there being all different kinds of axles, each come with their own potential problems. Your WORCESTER MA service technician knows this and checks for things like leaking seals, torn CV boots, worn axle joints. An inspection will reveal if there are any problems or if a part is nearing failure.

Your axle shaft will be removed and inspected when there is a concern. Any damages to the shaft will have to be replaced. Shafts will be cleaned, lubed and installed if they result in being in good shape. Damaged CV boots are replaced as well.

It's important to have AutoPro Import Repair take care of this work as soon as you become aware of a problem. Waiting only makes the damage worse and more expensive to repair later. If the axle fails completely, it could lock up. This could severely damage other things like your transmission – very costly. It could also contribute to an accident, which nobody wants.

In the long run, taking care of your axles when they need attention saves you money and helps keep you safely on the road.