Q & A: Serpentine Belts

AutoPro Tech Question:

I was putting groceries in the back of my SUV last night at the market when the car next to me started up & let out the most awful screeching noise. It made me jump a mile! It sounded like a cat stuck in the engine. What was wrong with the car?

AutoPro Answer:

The screeching noise on start up was most likely a problem with the drive belt. Sometimes belts need to be adjusted but sometimes they are worn out. A worn belt will cause other issues before it breaks. If the belt slips, it will put undue strain on other parts such as tensioners and pulleys. This can lead to a more costly repair on your Worcester vehicle.

When the engine turns over, it powers the serpentine belt. The belt runs the power steering pump, alternator, and a/c compressor. In some vehicles, it also runs the radiator fan and the water pump.

If the serpentine belt in your vehicle does break, it will leave you stranded by the side of the road because your battery won’t last for long. If the serpentine belt in your Worcester vehicle also runs the water pump or the cooling fans, the vehicle may overheat before the battery dies.  Having your serpentine belt checked at least once a year makes good sense.

When you make an appointment at AutoPro, mention that you would like your drive belt checked. We will determine if there are any concerns with the belt. We check for cracks and wear to determine if it needs to be replaced.

If the belt needs to be replaced, AutoPro will also check the tensioner and pulley to make sure there are no other issues that can lead to a dangerous breakdown on Worcester streets. AutoPro has you covered!

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