Spark Plugs

Spark plug 1.jpg

If you have been a Worcester car owner for a number of years, you probably remember when spark plugs needed to be replaced every few years. Numerous things have changed since then & plug replacement isn’t needed as often. Many spark plugs will last for 100,000 miles. So what is different now?

Years of research and development have changed the materials used in spark plugs. The overall design of spark plugs has changed as well. The other side of the equation is the Worcester vehicles themselves.  Back in the day, spark plugs had to be changed often because of higher amounts of carbon fouling. Carbon deposits happen when fuel isn’t completely burned off. Modern computerized engine controls continue to improve your vehicle’s miles per gallon by reducing the amount of unburned fuel. The end results meaning less carbon build up on the spark plugs and longer recommended spark plug replacement intervals. (Not to mention better gas mileage!)

Another thing to keep in mind Worcester drivers, there are right and wrong types of spark plugs for your vehicle. Engines designed by different manufacturers run at different internal temperatures. Different spark plugs are designed to operate efficiently within those temperatures. The wrong plugs can cause misfires or reduce your Worcester vehicle’s mileage efficiency.

AutoPro in Worcester will only use the correct type of spark plugs for your vehicle. We can also help you understand when to replace your spark plugs based on your Worcester vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

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