Severe Driving in Worcester

Worcester vehicles need maintenance from time to time. It helps keep them running longer and safer. It also prepares you for any repairs that might be coming down the road. When you look thru your owner’s manual at the maintenance/tune up schedules, you will notice the recommended service intervals. They will tell you when you should have your oil, fluids, & filters checked or changed. Most Worcester drivers have also noticed that there are two schedules listed. One is for “regular driving” maintenance and one is for “severe driving” maintenance. The severe intervals will be shorter for cars or trucks driven under harsher conditions. This only makes sense since the vehicle is under more strain when used this way.

But what constitutes severe driving? It may not be what you expect!

If most of the driving you are doing around Worcester is in short trips of less than 4 miles or if your trips are longer but generally under 55 mph, this is considered operating under severe driving conditions. If you do a lot of stop and go or if you drive your Worcester vehicle under dusty or polluted conditions, this is also considered severe driving. Likewise, if you tow, regularly carry heavy loads, or have a car top carrier, your car or truck should be maintained under the severe service maintenance schedule.

Most of us in Worcester will drive under some of these conditions some of the time. If you are driving under one or more of these conditions most of the time, discuss this with us at AutoPro.

Based on your driving habits and your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation, we can suggest the best maintenance schedule to help keep your car on the road longer.

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