The Skinny on Ball Joints

If you are like most drivers in Worcester, you know your car has ball joints but you may not understand their function in your vehicle’s suspension.  The ball joint allows your car’s wheels to move up & down over bumps as well as turn left and right. Picture a ball attached to a spindle. The ball is enclosed in a sealed cup. This set up allows the joint to move in several directions smoothly – similar in design to how your shoulder or hip works.

Depending on the type of suspension you have, your vehicle may have two or four ball joints in the front. Ball joints are manufactured to be maintenance free and not require periodic lubrication. In fact, most ball joints are sealed and cannot be lubricated. If the lubrication breaks down or leaks out, replacement is required. Ball joints will wear very quickly without lubrication. Ball joints are also subject to normal wear since they are continuously in movement.

So what are the signs of a failing ball joint? If you hear a clunking noise when turning or when going over bumps, your ball joint may need replacement. If your steering starts to feel sloppy or there is excessive vibration from the front of your vehicle, you should have AutoPro check your suspension for ball joint or other issues. Unusual tire wear can also be an indicator of a failed ball joint. But prevention is the key here. A failed ball joint can create unsafe driving conditions and can cause you to lose control of your vehicle while driving.

If you check your owner’s manual, you’ll see that it calls for scheduled visual inspections of your suspension system. The ball joints in your Worcester vehicle are an important suspension component which is examined during the inspection. Make sure to mention any noises or vibrations as well when you call AutoPro for an appointment.  We will help keep you safe on the road.

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