Accessory Belt System

Depending on the design of your Worcester vehicle, your engine may have one drive belt (called a serpentine belt) or multiple drive belts.

The engine moves the serpentine belt as it turns. It powers your car’s accessories such as the alternator, a/c compressor, water pump, and power steering pump. If your Worcester vehicle has a multiple drive belt system, more than one belt is used to power these mechanical components. On some vehicles, the belt also runs the cooling fan and power brakes.

Since the serpentine belt or drive belts play such a vital role in keeping your vehicle running, it’s important to make sure everything is in good working condition. If your serpentine belt breaks while driving on Worcester roads, the battery would die in a few miles. If the belt for the water pump or cooling fan breaks, your vehicle would over heat, leaving you stranded and facing costly repair bills.

A worn belt can also cause issues with your Worcester vehicle. A slipping or misaligned belt can put stress on the accessories it runs. If your belt is squealing, have it checked out so that it won’t lead to other, more costly, repairs.

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