Q & A: Tire Pressure Light


AutoPro Tech Question:

I was driving thru Auburn yesterday and a light came on that looks like a vase with an exclamation mark in it. What does it mean?

AutoPro Answer:

This is the symbol for your tire pressure light. If the light comes on, it means that one or more of your tires is low in air. The low tire pressure light will come on if there is a tire that is 20% below the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

20% under-inflation is pretty significant. It can cause issues with handing and, long term, can cause premature tire wear as well as potential heat related failure of the tire in Worcester.

Sometimes, you may find the TPMS light coming on & going off. This can happen in Worcester when the tire is close to the trigger pressure amount and the temperature get colder. As the car is driven or the air temperature warms up for the day, the air pressure in the tire expands enough to turn the light off. Keep in mind, this still indicates an issue with the tie pressure & you should check that there is enough air in each tire.

The correct tire pressure for your vehicle is located on a plate or sticker on the driver’s side door or on the door jam. Make sure to check the pressure for both the front & the rear tires since they can be different. Both over-inflated & under-inflated tires can cause handling issues.

If all tire pressures (including the spare tire) are correct and the tire pressure light is still on, it may need to be reset with a scanner or there may be a malfunction in the tpms system. The technicians at AutoPro in Worcester can run thru the diagnostic testing to see what is causing the issue with the light or reset they system as needed.

Did you know that each tire pressure sensor comes with a non-replaceable battery? When the battery dies, the tire pressure light comes on & the sensor will need to be replaced & programmed. Additionally, tire pressure monitor sensors have a limited life span and won’t last the life of the car. Worcester road salt and other contaminants can also damage them and cause the tire pressure light to come on.

Even if your tire pressure light has not come on, it is a good driving practice to check your tire pressure monthly.  

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