Frequently Overlooked Maintenance Items in Worcester

Most everyone likes how new cars drive but not all of us in Worcester have a new car. We at AutoPro have put together a list of regularly overlooked maintenance services that will improve the performance and drivability of the car you have – no matter how old it is.

Brake Fluid Service 

The brake fluid in your Worcester vehicle should be changed at regular intervals. (Most car manufacturers recommend every two years.) But why is that? Over time, brake fluid absorbs water. As it takes on more water, it increases the likelihood of partial brake failure which can be dangerous. The water can also rust out brake system components and then your brakes can fail altogether.  Let AutoPro help keep you safe by regularly servicing your brake fluid.

 Air filter replacement

Vehicle engines operate on a mixture of air and fuel. Before the air enters the engine, it is filtered thru the air filter to remove any impurities that can cause engine performance issues. Engine air filters need to be changed regularly as a clogged filter will decrease fuel economy and will contribute to weak engine performance around our Worcester streets.

Timing Belt Replacement 

Many Worcester cars, vans, and trucks have timing belts. The function of the timing belt is to turn the camshaft, which keeps the engine running. If the timing belt snaps, the vehicle will breakdown and you may find yourself faced with major engine damage. Since timing belts are made of rubber, the material breakdowns over time. Check with AutoPro to determine when your timing belt should be replaced.

Coolant System Service

Coolant plays an important role in keeping your engine at the proper operating temperature. If the coolant is old, it becomes corrosive and can eat through your radiator or hoses. If the level is low, you may have a leak. If you have needed to top it off with water, the protective level of the coolant will be affected.

Have AutoPro in Worcester check the level, condition, and protection level of your vehicle’s coolant. If needed, we can perform a coolant change to insure you have the proper level of antifreeze protection.

Tire Balance & Rotation

Tire rotation and balancing should be done on a regular basis on your Worcester vehicles. Regular tire rotation will extend the life of your tires. Regular tire balancing will reduce the amount of suspension & tire wear. It can also reduce annoying vibrations at highway speeds.

Wheel Alignment

If your tires are out of alignment, your vehicle will have steering and handling issues.  It can also cause significant tire wear. It is recommended to have your alignment check at least once a year. You should also have it done when all four tires on your Worcester vehicle are replaced.  AutoPro has state of the art computerized alignment equipment to ensure your alignment is done right. We also free up frozen adjusters or bolts, as part of our normal alignment service.

Cabin Air Filter

Most cars in Worcester have cabin air filters. These filters will make sure the air coming into the passenger compartment is cleaned of things like dust and pollen. When the cabin air filter is clogged or if it gets wet, the air in your vehicle can get smelly. Changing the cabin air filter regularly will keep the air inside your car fresher and reduce the number of air born allergens inside your Worcester vehicle.

And there you have it: a list of frequently overlooked maintenance services.

Give us a call. We will keep you on schedule.

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