The EGR Valve & Diesel Engines

Automakers have worked consistently to improve engine performance and fuel economy while meeting increasingly stringent environmental safety standards. One of the parts in your vehicle’s engine that helps to make this happen is the exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) valve. This valve directs some of the exhaust back into the air intake system for both gas and diesel engines. The recirculated exhaust takes up some of the space in the engine cylinders, reducing some of the oxygen-rich air that would normally be there. This reduces the temperature when the fuel is burned; cooler combustion means that there are fewer harmful gases produced and released into the air.

The EGR valve in your Worcester vehicle can get clogged with soot. If this happens, it will cause multiple problems including incorrect timing, which effects performance, and faulty exhaust amounts being recirculated into the engine, resulting in lowered fuel economy. If the issue with your vehicle’s performance is a clogged EGR valve, AutoPro can check to see if it can be cleaned or whether it needs to be replaced. AutoPro in Worcester can improve your engine’s power, performance, and drivability.

Diesel vehicles have much higher soot content than other gas vehicles. (Ever notice the amount of soot that belches out of an older 18-wheeler?) Since the soot is that much higher, diesel engines are highly susceptible to getting clogged EGR valves. (Although the soot is ultimately filtered out of the exhaust further down the line, it passes thru the EGR valve before it gets to that point.)

There are a few things you can do to extend the life of the EGR valve, if your Worcester vehicle has a diesel engine. One thing is to reduce the amount of time your vehicle spends idling. When your diesel engine is idling for long periods of time, the soot is allowed to build up and accumulates in the EGR valve. This happens because the engine’s operating temperature is reduced and the valve does not open and close as it would when driving. Without it opening and closing, the soot has nowhere to go so it clogs up the EGR valve. Another thing you can do is to use diesel fuel with a higher rating of cetane. The higher the rating, the better the combustion is. Cetane ratings are not always listed at the pump so you may need to do a little internet research on your favorite gas station to determine how their diesel fuel is rated.

If your Worcester car or truck is suffering from poor performance, decreased fuel economy, or rough idling, have AutoPro in Worcester run through the diagnostic testing to determine the issue. We can repair your vehicle and restore your engine’s performance.

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