Q & A - I hear a clunking when turning


I hear a clunk when I turn corners. What could be the problem?

AutoPro Answers:

A worn axle can cause a clunk or clinking noise when turning corners on the streets of Worcester. 

Front-wheel drive vehicles have axles that transfer power from the transmission to your vehicle's front wheels. Each front wheel has an axle. These axles are called constant velocity axles or CV axles for short.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles have rear axles which run between the differential and the rear wheels.

All-wheel drive vehicles will have an axle for each of the four wheels.

When a front CV axle goes bad, it will make a clunking or clicking as you make a slow turn. When a rear axle goes bad, the clunking or moaning sound will be in the back.

As a driver, there isn't any preventive maintenance to be done to help the axles on your Worcester vehicle last longer. What you can do is have them inspected from time to time to see if there is a problem such as a torn or leaking protective boot. (The boot protects the axle joint, keeping it lubricated and free of damaging debris.) If a boot is torn and axle has not been damaged, the repair will be less expensive for you.

Of course, axles do sometimes wear out and need to be replaced. A bad axle can be dangerous. This repair should not be put off because a severely worn axle can break or can seize up causing damage to your transmission or other components. Either can leave you stranded.

Make sure to have your cv boots and axles checked at regular intervals at AutoPro. If you hear a noise or suspect other issues, let us know and we will help keep your repair bills low.

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