Tire Rotation & Tire Balancing at AutoPro

Putting tires on your vehicle is expensive. Make sure to take care of your tires to help them last a long as possible while driving the Worcester area. What does this mean? Regular tire rotation and balancing will help you get more miles out of those tires. Let's take a look at why this is important.

First let's start by looking at tire rotation. Under normal driving conditions in Worcester, the front tires on your car, truck or SUV wear more on the edges since they handle much of the cornering forces when you take a turns. On front-wheel drive vehicles, even more of the force is on the front wheels.

Tires need to be regularly rotated so all of the tires do some duty on the front (which is harder on them) and some duty on the rear. By doing this, all four tires  will wear more evenly over their lifetime and have a longer life as well.
For most vehicles in the Worcester area, tires are rotated from the front to the back. Some tire manufacturers recommend a cross rotational pattern that includes the spare tire. There are also some high-performance vehicles with different size tires on the front and rear.  Worcester area cars may even have uni-directional tires that can only be on the left or the right side of the vehicle. It can get a little confusing. Let the highly trained technicians at AutoPro properly rotate your tires for you. We can also recommend the correct rotation intervals based on manufacturing specifications and current tire wear.

Let's move on to wheel balancing. When one or more of your wheels is out of balance, the car can shake at highway speeds. 

Wheel weights are added to each wheel to balance out the weight of the tire. to balance it out. A small amount of weight is added and then checked on the tire balancing machine. Variations in the tire and wheel manufacture can cause a slight imbalance. The valve stem and the tire pressure monitoring sensors in the tire also play into the equation.

If a tire is out of balance, it can cause an annoying shake or vibration at higher speeds. What's happening is that the wheel is basically bouncing a bit as it goes down the road. For example, at freeway speeds, an out of balance wheel can be slamming into the road 14 times a second. Not only is it annoying but it also can cause your tire(s) to wear out more quickly.

If you are feeling vibrations when driving at highway speeds, let AutoPro check your vehicle out. It maybe some thing as simple as a tire out of balance. 

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