What's a Cabin Air Filter?

I get a nasty smell when I run the heat or a/c in my car.  My cousin said it might be that the cabin air filter is gunked up. What's a cabin air filter & why could it be causing the smell? 

AutoPro Import Repair Answer:
A cabin air filter is a special filter which cleans the air that comes into the passenger compartments – or cabin – of vehicles. Most new cars, trucks and SUVs sold in MA now come equipped with a cabin air filter. The function of the cabin air filter is to catch dust, pollen, and other pollutants before they can get into your cabin; cleaning the air you breathe inside your vehicle.

As Worcester drivers can imagine, the cabin air filter will eventually get filled up and can even start to get smelly when clogged with contaminants. Replacing the cabin air filter at regular intervals will prevent this problem. AutoPro in Worcester, can help you with this maintenance item.

Your owner's manual will list the recommended service intervals for changing the cabin air filter in your Worcester vehicle. If you no longer have the manual, just call AutoPro - we have access to the information from the vehicle manufacturers on servicing your car, truck or SUV. 

If you live and drive in MA where there is a lot of dust, pollen, and pollution, the filter may fill up quicker. Of course, if you're getting a bad odor, give us a call so AutoPro can give your vehicle a thorough check over. 

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