Your Exhaust

Driving around the Worcester area, you’ve sometimes heard a loud car or truck that needs a new muffler. Do you realize there is more to the exhaust system than just the muffler?

The exhaust system serves three main purposes. The first you already know: it muffles the noise from the engine. The second purpose is to filter harmful pollutants before they enter the air. Lastly, the exhaust system moves the hot exhaust gas away from the engine and safely out the tailpipe.

Since exhaust fumes are poisonous, Worcester drivers need to make sure the fumes don’t get into the passenger compartment or into your home. Never run your vehicle in a closed garage. If you smell exhaust fumes inside your vehicle, make sure to roll down the windows and call AutoPro to make an appointment for repair. Remember that exhaust can make you sick or can even kill you.

Smelling exhaust or hearing a loud exhaust are signs of obvious exhaust leaks. Your vehicle may develop an exhaust leak that you aren’t aware of. Sometimes an exhaust leak manifests itself as a ticking sound on start up that goes away after driving. A small crack in a pipe can cause the ticking and when the metal heats up and expands, the noise goes away since the metal expands and seals the crack.

Your check engine light can come on when you develop an exhaust leak or have an issue with monitored system in the exhaust.  If your car or truck doesn’t sound right, or your check engine light comes on, call AutoPro in Worcester to help you figure out what is going on. We will keep you driving safely.

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