Timing Belts & Timing Chains

Let’s take a look at timing belt s and timing chains.

As you may know, air and fuel in the engine compress and ignite to power the pistons. The intake valves open at a precise time to allow the air in and close at a precise time to allow for the combustion. Once this has occurred, the exhaust valves have to open at a precise time to release the exhaust created.  This process needs to be perfectly synchronized for the engine to run smoothly. It is the job of the timing belt or timing chain to keep this process in synch. 

Some Worcester vehicles have timing belts, and some have timing chains. Timing belts can be made of rubber or temperature resistant materials. The material in timing belts breaks down over time. The deterioration is accelerated if your engine leaks oil or runs hot. Car manufacturer’s set time and mileage intervals when the timing belt should be replaced. If a timing belt breaks, and your Worcester car has an interference engine, you are looking at a major engine repair or engine replacement. Because of this, it is important to replace your timing belt on schedule. If your engine leaks oil, and oil gets on the timing belt, you will need to replace the timing belt sooner than scheduled.

If you are unsure when your timing belt needs to be replaced, or if you have an oil leak, give AutoPro in Worcester a call & we can help you out.

Timing chains are made of metal links; similar to the links on a bicycle chain. The chains are meant to last the life of the car. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any issues with the timing chains. Sometimes they do stretch or become damaged and need to be replaced.  Additionally, the tensioners or guides for the timing chain can wear out effecting the engines timing and performance as well. If the timing is off slightly, the engine won’t run smoothly. If the timing is off significantly, the engine won’t run and may be damaged. If you have a problem with your Worcester vehicle, let AutoPro check it out for you.

And always remember, one of the best ways to help maintain the timing chain in your Worcester vehicle is to have regular oil changes with the recommended type and grade of oil. 

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