Ted Banach Manager Shop Foreman

Owner, manager, lead mechanic he oversees all repair operations and helps out with some of the more challenging diagnoses.   His extensive experience with all aspects of auto repair keep the shop running smoothly day in and out.


Over 25 years experience and 13 years exclusively on Honda and Acura.  Ted has been rated "Best Auto Mechanic" in Worcester Magazine.  He spent more than 9 years working at Honda Acura specialty shops before starting his own business. Check us out on the "Click and Clack" Mechanics Files.


He is a MA Registered Repair Technician, one of only 300 in the state of Mass which has completed the specialized training and tests to be recommend by the state to perform check engine light and emissions repairs.  The local State Inspection Motorist Assistance Center regularly refers vehicle owners to us for repair.


Ted has been continuously L1 Advanced Level certified since the certification became available and has been an ASE Master Auto Tech since 1996.  He has attended extensive training classes over the years.