Pre or Post Purchase Car Inspection

If you are thinking of purchasing a used (new to you) car in the Worcester MA area, it just makes sense to have AutoPro do a used car inspection. With a pre-purchase inspection at AutoPro, trained technicians will check over the vehicle and you will be provided with details of problems or potential problems with the vehicle. We will also provide quotes for repairs needed so you have a bargaining tool to use, if you decide you want to purchase the vehicle after we have inspected it.


Body Exterior - paint finish, rust/corrosion, signs of accident repair, dents & dings

Engine - noises, leaks, scan for check engine light, starting, belts, hoses, battery, fluid level & condition

Transmission - transmission performance, slipping, leaks, clutch operation, 4x4/AWD operation

Steering - noise when turning, p/s fluid leaks, tire wear

Suspension - noises, suspension performance, alignment, leaks

Brake System - braking performance, parking brake operation, brake fluid level & condition, leaks

Electrical System - head lights, fog lights, turn signals, hazard flashers, windshield wiper operation

Drive axles - differential leaks, axle leaks, noises on turn or acceleration, axle & boot condition

Tires - condition of tires, tread life

Scheduling your pre purchase inspection

The pre or post purchase inspection takes about an hour. If you are purchasing the vehicle from a used car lot or dealership near Worcester, they will often arrange to drop the car off at AutoPro so you won’t have to. If you are purchasing from a private party, you’ll need to make arrangements with the sellers to drop the car off.


Call for an appointment if you find a car you are interested in purchasing. Since buying a car can be very time sensitive, we will make every effort to schedule the used car inspection on the day you call.