Your oil change service in Worcester MA, the right oil and right price!



At AutoPro when you request an oil change, we change the oil, change the oil filter, set tire pressure, top off fluids and perform a multi point safety inspection.  AutoPro suggests using the oil that is recommended by your vehicles manufacturer.  We carry an entire range of grades and types of oil to meet these needs.



Your car's oil life monitor

Many cars, vans and SUV vehicles have onboard oil life monitors or maintenance reminders.  Once your oil change service has been performed, we reset your maintenance reminder, oil life monitor or Maintenance Minder System.  If your vehicle has any maintenance minder codes listed, we'll tell you what is needed for service based on the manufacturer's requirements,


An oil change when it's convenient for you

 Sometimes you just need to wait for your oil change and sometimes it is easier to drop off your vehicle and pick it up later.  We offer wait oil change appointments throughout the day starting at 8AM until 4PM.  If you prefer, you can just drop it off and pick it up when you're ready.  Our wait oil change is by appointment so you won't waste time sitting around behind a line of other walk in customers.  So next time you are near Worcester MA stop by AutoPro, we make servicing and repairs on your car more convenient.

The price for an oil change service with conventional oil ranges from $22-$26 dollars