Jen Malone

Jen’s working background has been varied and interesting. Prior to graduating from Clark, she worked at both Towerhill Botanic Gardens and the Ecotarium.  She has worked in manufacturing companies and learned about the quality processes of Just in Time manufacturing and Six Sigma. She has worked as a corporate trainer, using her certificate in Instructional Design from Boston University, as well as a customer service rep in a Fortune 500 company.

 Jen joined AutoPro in 2007 and has gained a lot of knowledge about auto repair and the auto repair business. She earned her Service Consultant ASE Certification in 2015. She works hard to help our customers understand what is needed for the repairs on their vehicles as well as managing the shop workflow.

 Pulling from her varied background, Jen likes helping our customers and wants to have our customers feel comfortable coming to AutoPro. She enjoys establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our many customers, being part of the quality process, and also being part of a successful small business.