Honda's Maintenance Minder


About 10 years ago, Honda started putting a more advanced maintenance reminder system in their vehicles called Maintenance Minder. Used in conjunction with the owners manual, owners can check to see what is required for comprehensive maintenance on their Honda car or truck.


Oil Life Monitor

The computer in your Honda continually checks to see what the condition of the oil in the vehicle is. From this information, it determines when you should change your oil. To check the % life left, simply press the Set/Reset button on the information display. You may have noticed that this information also shows up when you first start up your Honda. When the computer determines that the oil life has 15% life left, it will turn on the Maintenance Minder.                                                                                                      

15% oil life - your oil change is due soon.

10% oil life - call AutoPro to schedule an appointment for an oil change.


Maintenance Minder Codes

In addition to monitoring the oil life in your Honda, the computer also determines when it is time to do things like change your air filters, change your transmission fluid, change your timing belt, etc. Below is a list of what is done at each service code. Feel free to call AutoPro if you have any questions about what is due.


Information is accurate for 2006-2014 Honda Accords, 2006-2014 Honda Civics, 2007-2014 Honda CR-Vs, 2007-2014 Honda Elements, 2007-2014 Honda Fits, and 2007-2014 Honda Pilots.