Honda Civic

The Civic is Honda's best selling car in overall sales with over 18.5 million cars sold and Ted, AutoPro's lead mechanic, has been repairing them since the first generation.  The Civic was introduced with little fanfare in 1973 and it has become the second longest continuously running model from a Japanese manufacturer.  Can you just imagine? The first Honda Civic sold for $2,230!


Civic has been in production for over 39 years

The Civic definitely has staying power, the car is in its ninth generation and is currently built in seven different countries.  It has been in the Top Ten Vehicles Sold for many years.  In 2001, this Honda model became larger and more upscale. It was also in this generation that Honda released it's first Civic Hybrid. As of 2006, 16.5 million Civics have been sold world wide with almost have that amount sold in the US alone.  The all new 2016 Civic sedan has a sporty bold new look with great new features like remote engine start and connectivity with your i-phone or android phone.  


The Honda Civic fuel efficient from day one

The Honda Civic had the highest fuel efficiency rating of any car in the US when it was introduced in 1973.  Three Civic models were included in the list of the most fuel efficient cars between 1984 and 2010.  The first generation Honda Civic was able to achieve 39 mpg on the highway at a time when most cars were only getting 10-15 mpg.  The Civic has a cult like following with many groups and over the years has been very popular in the racing scene.