The Honda Accord 

Honda Accords are built to last. We have several customers with Accords with well over 300,000 miles. (One of our customers is closing in on the 1/2 million mile mark!) The major thing these high mileage Accord owners know is that maintenance is key. That doesn't mean just getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles. It also means keeping up with the standard tune ups and services. As your Accord gets older, the need for keeping up with service increases. Changing the filters, fluids and spark plugs at the recommended mileage intervals will keep your Accord running more smoothly and for longer. AutoPro follows Honda's manufacturer 's recommended service items. If you want to know what AutoPro does for your tune, check the back of your owner's manual.

Love your Accord? So do a lot of other people. In fact, the Honda Accord has been named One of the 10 Best Cars in Car & Driver Magazine for a total of 27 times!! That's a lot of love!