Need clutch repair in Worcester, MA ?
Call AutoPro the clutch experts

At Autopro, we repair most clutch problems in one day with competitive prices and experienced mechanics.  Our knowledge and experience saves you money.  We know when clutch parts need to be replaced and when they need service.


Is the problem a worn clutch or a master cylinder problem?


We have the experience to tell the difference.  Maybe you have a noise when you step on the clutch, or the clutch pedal is staying on the floor when you release the clutch pedal,  Is it clutch shudder or problems shifting into gear? 

This picture shows a broken clutch disc hub, the clutch wouldn't disengage.  It exhibited the same symptoms as faulty clutch hydraulics.  Don't trust such a large job to a chain or someone without enough experience.  We can fix your clutch problem whether its a bad master cylinder, leaking slave or even a clutch disc with a broken spring or a weak pressure plate.  From the diagnoses to the repair, our team will get you auto back on the road in no time.


How the clutch works in your automobile

The modern auto uses an auto adjusting hydraulic clutch.  When you step on the clutch pedal a rod moves a piston in the clutch master cylinder and the piston moves the fluid from the master through the hose and into the slave.  The piston in the slave cylinder moves a rod which is attached to a lever that pushes the clutch release bearing against the pressure place and this relieves the spring tension on the clutch disc.  Relieving the tension disconnects the engine from the transmission and allows you to change gears.

Trust AutoPro in Worcester for your clutch work, many do!