What is the check engine light?

As part of the inspection we inspect the on board diagnostic system, all passenger vehicles sold in the US since 1996 use the same diagnostic system known as OBDII.  The purpose of the system is to monitor emission control systems on the vehicle.  If the emissions increase over 50% of the Federal limit for the Model Year the check engine light on the dashboard will illuminate.  The on board computer in the vehicle continuously monitors the emission control systems and  retains the test results in memory.  Many states use the OBD-II system test result for the emissions part of the state inspection, Massachusetts being one of them.  You can clear the check engine light and erase all the test results with a scan tool.  After this the car normally needs to be driven for up to a week before all the emissions system test have been performed and the test results stored.


Check Engine light Diagnostics $40.00

We diagnose so many cars and are so expereinced at it that we are able to charge a lower price.  Our experience finds the problem faster keeping your costs lower.