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Honda Technical Service Bulletins

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This is not a complete list, just some of the newest TSB

Recall 11V395000: A/T Control Module Software Update

Honda Accord 2005-2010

Honda CR-V 2007-2010

Honda Element 2005-2008


COMPONENT: Power Train: Automatic Transmission: control module  (TCM, PCM)


Honda is recalling certain model year 2005-2010 Accord, 2007-2010 CR-V, and 2005-2008 Element passenger SUVs manufactured from July 1, 2004, through September 3, 2010. The outer race of the secondary shaft bearing may be broken during certain driving styles. A broken outer race may cause abnormal noise, the malfunction indicator light to turn on, and allow contact between the transmission idler gear and an electronic sensor housing within the transmission.

M/T - Clutch Pedal Pops/Squeaks/Clicks When Actuated (TSB 11-005)

July 12, 2011

Applies To: 
2008-09 Accord - ALL with M/T
2006-10 Civic - ALL with M/T
2006-10 Element - ALL with M/T


Clutch Pedal Pops, Squeaks, or Clicks


Replace clutch master cylinder


Immobilizer Indicator is Blinking & Engine Won't Start (TSB 06-036)

2006 Civic.  The engine does not start and the immobolizer is blinking (especially if the battery recently went dead & the auto was jump started)

Engine Knocks or Ticks at Idle (TSB 08-017)

2008-2009 Accord, 2009 Pilot, 2008 Odyssey. The engine knocks or ticks at idle. The noise is usually more noticeable when the engine is warm.

Parking Brake Indicator Stays on When the Parking Brake is Released (TSB 09-004)

2009 Pilot, 2009 Ridgeline, 2008-2009 Accord, 2008-2009 Odyssey - all without Navigation. The parking brake indicator stays on after the parking brake is released.

Buzzing from Front Door Speakers (TSB-07-047)

2007 CR-V. The front door speakers buzz when playing the audio system at high volume.

Time on Display Changes Randomly (TSB 08-084)

2006-2009 Accord, 2006-2009 Civic, 2006-2009 Pilot, 2006-2009 Ridgeline, 2009 Fit - all with Navigation. The customer notices that the clock shown on the sub-display, the audio unit, or the navigation screen randomly changes time, but never by exactly one hour.

Engine Rattles at Cold Start-up (TSB 09-010)

2008-2009 Accord. At cold start-up, the engine rattles loudly for about 2 seconds.

SRS Indicator Stays On & DTC 86-16 Code is Stored (TSB 06-007)

2006 Civic. During cold weather, when you turn the ignition switch to the ON position with a passenger in the front seat, the SRS indicator stays on & the DTC 86-16 code is stored.

Moan or Groan from Rear Differential (TSB 07-024)

2002-2007 CR-V with 4WD. A moaning or groaning comes for the rear differential when making a sharp or tight turn at low speeds.

MIL Comes on with DTC P0339 & Possible P0302 & P0303

2008-2009 Accord. The MIL comes on with DTC P0339. DTCs P0302 & P0303 may also be stored.

Windshield Wipers Intermittently Do Not Park or Turn Off

2007 Civic. When the windshield wipers are turned off, they intermittently do not stop at the correct location at the bottom of the windshield or they continue to run.


MIL Is On With DTC P1172 or P2A00 07-006

The MIL is on with PGM-FI DTC P1172 (air fuel sensor [sensor 1] circuit out of range, high) and/or P2A00 (air fuel sensor [sensor 1] circuit range/performance problem). PROBABLE CAUSE The air/fuel sensor is damaged by moisture in the exhaust system during engine warm-up.

Front Brakes Judder TSB 06-087

When the brakes are applied normally, the driver feels a juddering through the steering wheel.
PROBABLE CAUSE The front brake pads have worn the discs unevenly (thickness variation).CORRECTIVE ACTION Refinish the front brake discs, and install new front brake pads.

Glove Box Rattles or Is Misaligned TSB 10-046

The glove box rattles, is out of alignment, and is difficult to adjust properly. PROBABLE CAUSE The dashboard has warped, causing the glove box striker to move.

Popping Noise From the Front Seat-back TSB 10-026

SYMPTOM There is a popping or clicking coming from the back of the driver's or passenger's front seat, or movement inside the seat can be felt when leaning against the seat-back. PROBABLE CAUSE The top lumbar spring has come out of its holder.
CORRECTIVE ACTION Remove the upper lumbar spring from the seat-back, straighten it out, and then reinstall it.

Safety Recall: A/T Software Update to Prevent Transmission Damage TSB 11-050

If the transmission is repeatedly shifted between reverse (R), neutral (N), and drive (D) at high engine RPM, such as when rocking the vehicle to get it unstuck from snow, the transmission may become damaged. This damage may cause an engine stall and/or cause the vehicle to move when the gear selector is in park (P).

MIL Comes On With DTC P0116

PROBABLE CAUSE The ECM/PCM misinterprets the engine coolant temperature inputs. CORRECTIVE ACTION Update the ECM/PCM PGM-FI software using HDS software version 2.005.004 (or later).

MIL Comes On With DTC P0973 TSB 05-071

PROBABLE CAUSE Ferrous contamination on the contact area of the solenoid causes a short. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace shift solenoid A.

Headlights Dim or DTC P1298 Is Stored in the ECM/PCM TSB  05-034

SYMPTOM The headlights dim with the engine running and the headlights on, or DTC P1298 [electronic load detector (ELD) circuit high voltage] is stored in the ECM/PCM (but the headlights do not dim). PROBABLE CAUSE The ELD has a faulty solder joint.

Creak or Click at Dashboard or A-Pillar TSB 04-057

SYMPTOM When driving on rough or uneven roads, an intermittent creak or click is heard from either A-pillar or from either side of the dashboard. PROBABLE CAUSE The roof molding rubber trim taps on the lower corner of the windshield. CORRECTIVE ACTION Make sure the roof molding clips at the lower corner of the windshield are engaged, and seal the lower part of the roof molding rubber trim to the windshield.


If a vehicle's fuel fill cap is loose or missing, and the ECM/PCM detects an EVAP system leak when it runs the EVAP monitor, the CHECK FUEL CAP message appears on the information display when the engine is started. (On '06 Odyssey Touring models and future Honda models, it's the TIGHTEN FUEL CAP message.) A temporary DTC is also stored in the ECM/PCM's memory. If this happens, there's really no need for the owner to bring the vehicle in for service. All he or she has to do is shut off the engine and make sure the fuel fill cap is in place and it's properly tightened (it's one or three clicks, depending on what's written on the cap).

Catalytic Converter Noise? Check the Heat Shield 

Got a vehicle in your shop that buzzes or rattles, and you suspect the catalytic converter is the culprit? Before you start replacing the converter, first check the heat shield area. If there any stones or debris trapped inside, they can cause buzzing or rattling.

Check Camshaft Timing for DTC P0172 

Are you getting a DTC P0172 (fuel system too rich) after replacing the timing belt, the autotensioner, or the water pump? The camshaft timing could be off. Check the camshaft timing. If the timing is OK, then do the normal troubleshooting for DTC P0172.


Starter Grinds While Cranking the Engine TSB 06-025

SYMPTOM The starter motor intermittently grinds while cranking the engine. PROBABLE CAUSE The female terminal at the starter solenoid may have spread apart, causing a loss of current to the solenoid. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the female terminal at the starter solenoid.

MIL Comes On With DTC P0706 or P1706, Engine May Not Crank TSB  05-058

SYMPTOM The MIL comes on with DTC P0706 or P1706 (open in transmission range switch circuit), and/or the engine may not crank intermittently.PROBABLE CAUSE Poor continuity within the internal bands of the transmission range switch.

DTC P1298 Is Stored in the ECM/PCM TSB 05-006

SYMPTOM DTC P1298 (electrical load detector (ELD) circuit high voltage) is stored in the ECM/PCM. PROBABLE CAUSE The electronic load detector (ELD) has a faulty solder joint. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the ELD.

Click or Pop When Pressing the Brake Pedal SN041111

Got a 2003-04 Accord or 2001-05 Civic in your shop that clicks or pops when you press the brake pedal? The culprit could be the brake pedal position switch. The switch plunger doesn't fit squarely into the switch casing. When you press the brake pedal, the plunger rubs the side of the casing and makes noise. There's a simple fix for this problem: Just turn the switch around so the connector lock now faces the 5 o'clock position.


MIL Comes On With DTC P2647 TSB 05-037

The PCM software incorrectly interprets sensor inputs from the VTEC system. This may cause the MIL to come on with DTC P2647 (VTEC system stuck ON) the first time you start the engine after changing the engine oil and filter.

MIL Comes On With DTC P0171 TSB 10-006

SYMPTOM The MIL comes on with DTC P0171 (rear bank [bank 1] fuel system too lean). PROBABLE CAUSE The PCM misinterprets inputs as a lean fuel condition. CORRECTIVE ACTION Update the PGM-FI software with the HDS.

Chirp From the Timing Belt Area TSB 08-045

SYMPTOM There is a chirp coming from the lower timing belt area. The noise is most often noticed at idle, usually after the engine has warmed up. PROBABLE CAUSE The idler pulley mounting surface is tilted, causing the edge of the timing belt to rub against the side of the pulser flange on the drive pulley (gear).

Damaged Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP) Causes the MIL to Come On
With DTC P0344 TSB 09-042

SYMPTOM The MIL comes on with DTC P0344 (camshaft position [CMP] sensor intermittent interruption). PROBABLE CAUSE Excessive camshaft end play causes the camshaft gear to damage the camshaft position (CMP) sensor. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the front camshaft, the thrust cover, the cam gear, and the CMP sensor.

Front Brakes Groan at Low Speeds TSB 06-024

SYMPTOM The front brakes make a low-pitched groan when coming to a stop from low speeds. PROBABLE CAUSE The brake pad material was improperly formulated. CORRECTIVE ACTION Refinish or replace the front brake discs, and install new, reformulated brake pads.

Power Door Locks Continually Lock While Driving TSB 09-054

SYMPTOM The power door locks lock multiple times while driving.PROBABLE CAUSE
The driver's door lock actuator is faulty.

Power Steering Pump Whines, Buzzes, or Hums TSB 07-005

SYMPTOM The power steering pump whines, buzzes, or hums after driving for 30 minutes in temperatures of 35 to 40 degrees F (2 to 5 degrees C). PROBABLE CAUSE The power steering pump reservoir is defective. CORRECTIVE ACTION Flush the power steering system with clean power steering fluid, then replace the power steering reservoir.

Pinging, Rattling, or Squealing During Light Acceleration TSB 07-028

SYMPTOM While driving under light acceleration, you hear an intermittent pinging, rattling, or squealing from the engine compartment. The noise can easily be mistaken for an engine ping or spark knock. In some cases, the noise happens only during engine warm up. PROBABLE CAUSE The intermediate shaft heat shield is loose in its mounting bushings. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the intermediate shaft heat shield and, if needed, any specified nuts or gaskets.

MIL Comes On With DTC P1659 TSB 05-008

In cold temperatures, the MIL comes on with DTC P1659 (electronic throttle control system control relay OFF malfunction). PROBABLE CAUSE Moisture inside the throttle control relay may freeze. This would cause the relay to fail, storing DIG P1659 along with any of these DTCs: P0135: Rear Air Fuel Ratio (A/F) Sensor (Bank 1, Sensor 1) Circuit Malfunction, P0141: Rear Secondary Heated Oxygen Sensor (Secondary HO2S, Bank 1, Sensor 2) Heater Circuit Malfunction, P0155: Front Air Fuel Ratio (A/F) Sensor (Bank 2, Sensor 1) Heater Circuit Malfunction, P0161: Front Secondary Heated Oxygen Sensor (Secondary H025, Bank 2, Sensor 2) Heater Circuit Malfunction, P0498: Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Canister Vent Shut Valve Control Circuit Low Voltage. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the electronic throttle control relay, the air/fuel sensor relay, and the starter cut relay.


Grinding or Thumping From the Rear Brakes 10-020

SYMPTOM There is a grinding, thumping, or groaning noise coming from the rear brakes. This occurs during the first several stops after the vehicle has been parked overnight. NOTE : This symptom is typically found in the northeastern part of the United States due to climate and road conditions. PROBABLE CAUSE Under normal braking, corrosion from the disc surface is not quickly removed, allowing for a temporary grinding or thumping noise. A new brake pad is now available which has improved corrosion removal characteristics.CORRECTIVE ACTION
Replace the brake pads, and refinish the brake discs.

2007 CR-V: MIL Comes On With DTC P0128 07-060

SYMPTOMThe MIL comes on with DTC P0128 (cooling system malfunction).
PROBABLE CAUSE The PGM-FI software misinterprets sensor inputs as a cooling system malfunction, causing DTC P0128 to be set. CORRECTIVE ACTION Update the PGM-FI software with the HDS.

MIL Comes On With DTC P1009 08-089

SYMPTOM The MIL comes on with DTC P1009 (variable valve timing control [VTC] advance malfunction). PROBABLE CAUSE The PCM misinterprets inputs as a fault in the VTC system.

MIL Comes On With DTC P0962, P0963, P0966, P0967, P0970, or P0971 09-0471

SYMPTOM The MIL is on with one or more of these DTCs: P0962 (problem in A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve A circuit), P0963 (problem in A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve A), P0966 (problem in A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve B circuit), P0967 (problem in A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve B), P0970 (problem in A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve C circuit), P0971 (problem in A/T clutch pressure control solenoid valve C). PROBABLE CAUSE The PCM has an internal failure.

Whistling Noise From the Roof Rack 08-091

SYMPTOM The roof rack makes a whistling noise when driving at highway speeds. PROBABLE CAUSE The roof rack moldings are warped. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the roof rack moldings.

Exhaust System Squeaks 08-049

SYMPTOM The exhaust squeaks when the engine rocks back and forth. PROBABLE CAUSE
The front exhaust gasket is sticking to the front flange of the TWC (three way catalytic converter) inlet. CORRECTIVE ACTION Clean both flanges with an angle grinder and a ScotchBrite(TM) ROLOC(TM) surface conditioning disc, and replace the gasket.

A/C Whistles or Hoots 08-007

SYMPTOM There is a high-pitched whistle or hoot from the A/C system when the the A/C compressor turns on while the vehicle is driven between 40 and 50 mph. PROBABLE CAUSE
The refrigerant flow inside the expansion valve pipe assembly creates a whistle or hoot.
CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the expansion valve and pipe assembly.

Headliner Rattles or Buzzes While Driving 08-004

While driving on a rough road, or while stopped in gear with the NC on, the headliner rattles or buzzes. PROBABLE CAUSE Not enough insulation in one or more of these areas:Front ceiling light, Rear seat ceiling light, Left or right side of the moonroof, Rear portion of the headliner. CORRECTIVE ACTION Insulate the appropriate areas of the ceiling lights and the headliner with wool felt, EPT sealer, or cushion tape.

Buzzing From Front Door Speakers 07-047

SYMPTOM The front door speakers buzz when playing the audio system at high volume. PROBABLE CAUSE The front edge of the door panel vibrates against the door.CORRECTIVE ACTION Apply felt to the door panel.

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