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Honda Technical Service Bulletins

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This is not a complete list, just some of the newest TSB

Immobilizer Indicator is Blinking & Engine Won't Start (TSB 06-036)

2006 Civic.  The engine does not start and the immobolizer is blinking (especially if the battery recently went dead & the car was jump started)

Engine Knocks or Ticks at Idle (TSB 08-017)

2008-2009 Accord, 2009 Pilot, 2008 Odyssey. The engine knocks or ticks at idle. The noise is usually more noticeable when the engine is warm.

Parking Brake Indicator Stays on When the Parking Brake is Released (TSB 09-004)

2009 Pilot, 2009 Ridgeline, 2008-2009 Accord, 2008-2009 Odyssey - all without Navigation. The parking brake indicator stays on after the parking brake is released.

Buzzing from Front Door Speakers (TSB-07-047)

2007 CR-V. The front door speakers buzz when playing the audio system at high volume.

Time on Display Changes Randomly (TSB 08-084)

2006-2009 Accord, 2006-2009 Civic, 2006-2009 Pilot, 2006-2009 Ridgeline, 2009 Fit - all with Navigation. The customer notices that the clock shown on the sub-display, the audio unit, or the navigation screen randomly changes time, but never by exactly one hour.

Engine Rattles at Cold Start-up (TSB 09-010)

2008-2009 Accord. At cold start-up, the engine rattles loudly for about 2 seconds.

SRS Indicator Stays On & DTC 86-16 Code is Stored (TSB 06-007)

2006 Civic. During cold weather, when you turn the ignition switch to the ON position with a passenger in the front seat, the SRS indicator stays on & the DTC 86-16 code is stored.

Moan or Groan from Rear Differential (TSB 07-024)

2002-2007 CR-V with 4WD. A moaning or groaning comes for the rear differential when making a sharp or tight turn at low speeds.

MIL Comes on with DTC P0339 & Possible P0302 & P0303

2008-2009 Accord. The MIL comes on with DTC P0339. DTCs P0302 & P0303 may also be stored.

Windshield Wipers Intermittently Do Not Park or Turn Off

2007 Civic. When the windshield wipers are turned off, they intermittently do not stop at the correct location at the bottom of the windshield or they continue to run.

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